GOOD NEWS!  UniPark services can be paid via phone!


UniPark services can be paid via phone ( in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Nida).  Download the application designed for Android and iOS operational systems.  More


For the services of uniPark you can pay  15 % less


Employees of the companies, who have signed contracts with JSC Stova, pay 15 % less during their personal trips and parking at the uniPark parking lots.  Enter the discount code : IMDRB15 when you do the order.


You can change the vehicle plate numbers free of charge.


Having bought the parking services in uniPark parking lots next to the airport, a one-time vehicle plate number change is done free of charge and no later than 48 hours after the entry to the parking lot. Send all data to


Parking fee shall not be included into the invoice of the company...


If you personally will pay for the vehicle parking at the automatic cash desk in any parking lot of uniPark.


In case of the flight delay, the parking time is prolonged for 2 hours.


In case of the flight delay, the parking time is prolonged for 2 hours,  if a delay is longer,  please call the assistance line  tel. +370 700 77 877 all day or pay the additionally charged sum at the cash desk.


VAT invoice can be issued online


VAT invoice for the parking services can be received on the webpage having clicked on the link „Receive invoice“.


For the feedback about the services we will grant you a free day of parking :)


Your opinion is important, that is why we grant you a free day of parking at the parking lots of Vilnius and Kaunas airports. Please send you feedback to




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