Unipark offers a wide range of technical solutions – from parking ticket vending machines in the streets to fully automatized closed parking lots with their administration tools and innovative technologies. We are working with the companies having global experience.


We apply parking installation solutions individually to Shopping malls, medical and educational institutions, hotels, cultural objects, and airports.


Why should you choose UniPark? We have many years of experience of working in the parking area. We ensure a reliable and efficient management of parking spaces, and urgent responsiveness to any problems. Our technical and client service is unique – services are provided continuously 24/7, as well as at weekends and on days-off.



Types of car parks:


On-street parking – parking places are created on city roadsides or open car parks.


Off-street parking – car parks are created in a fenced territory (outdoors or in multi-storey buildings).


Innovative solutions for car park facilities – GREEN parking


Car parks are equipped with solar collectors. This is an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. One kWh of solar energy saves 885g of CO2. Application of social responsibility in your enterprise. Cars are protected from sunlight and seasonal precipitation. Free access to electricity produced for electric vehicles. 


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