The rules of parking lot use


1. The Rules of Parking Lot Use (hereinafter – the Rules) must be read and followed before using this private parking lot.


2. The Rules are provided for your information before entering a private parking lot marked by special road signs and the Rules are considered as public offer to conclude a contract of remunerative services as a contract formed by actions (Article 1.71(2) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania). By parking a vehicle in this parking lot you express your will to conclude a contract with UAB STOVA (company code 302299725, address: Ozo str. 10A, 08200 Vilnius, e-mail:, tel. no +370 700 77877), which is providing vehicle parking services in this parking lot, i.e. you agree to pay a fee, indicated in Paragraph 3 of the Rules for the whole parking time in this private parking lot, to follow the order of parking and of remuneration for services as described in the Rules and, in cases outlined in the Rules, to pay additional charges determined in Paragraph 6 of the Rules, i.e. the fines that UAB STOVA may apply to persons, violating the Rules.


3. The parking fee is EUR 0.30 (thirty euro cents) per 1 hour. The parking lot can be used 24 hours per day.


4. Supported payment methods are: the uniPark parking meter (hereinafter – the Parking Meter), situated in this parking lot, and the uniPark mobile application (hereinafter – the Mobile App).


4.1 Paying at the Parking Meter: the payment must be made immediately after parking, based on the intended duration of stay. 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, € 1 and € 2 coins or credit cards are accepted for payment. The Parking Meter does not give change. Please note that it is necessary to either pay for another parking ticket or vacate the parking lot immediately after the current parking ticket expires.


4.2 Paying via the Mobile App: the payment must be made before leaving the vehicle. The payment shall be considered as registered after the driver successfully activates the parking service via the app. Please note that the service may be terminated by the driver once they sit in the car before leaving the parking lot.


The Mobile App can be downloaded from the following links:

After downloading the Mobile App, please enter your vehicle registration plate number, choose the preferred payment method and parking zone VCUP atvira aikštelė (VCUP open parking lot).


5. UAB STOVA carries out the control of following the Rules continuously, i.e. inspects the registrations in the Parking Meter and the Mobile App of the vehicles parked in the parking lot in the real time. Persons, authorized by UAB STOVA, record the violation made by the owner (user)of the vehicle, who does not follow the Rules, in photos and issue the Act of Violation, where information, needed for payment of the fine, payable due to the violation, is provided (hereinafter – the Act). The Act is left outside the vehicle in the place, clearly visible to the vehicle owner (user).


6. If a service fee is not paid immediately or the purchase of another parking ticket is delayed, the owner (user) of the vehicle is considered as violated the Rules and has an obligation to pay to UAB STOVA a fine of EUR 15 (fifteen) by e-banking or at any bank to the bank account, indicated in the Act, within 24 hours after the end of the day, the Act is issued.


7. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment of the fine indicated in the Act, except of the cases when he/she proves that the vehicle was parked by another person in the parking lot.


8. If such fine is not paid in time, recovery of such fine shall be continued under the order established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The owner (user) of the vehicle shall be additionally charged by the sum of EUR 15 (fifteen) for the recovery of the fine and in case of additional expenses of the recovery such charges may be increased.


9. The parking lot is not protected, the administration of the parking lot does not take the responsibility for protecting the vehicles and items inside them, as well as does not guarantee any special surveillance (technical, physical, etc.) means of the vehicles. The administrator of the parking lot bears no material responsibility for safety of the vehicles, parked in the parking lot, or for damage, incurred due to force majeure, natural disasters and accidents or for damage incurred due to the actions of a customer.


10. The customer is responsible for the damage made to the parking lot and other tangible property and is liable for such damage in full.


11. Only registered vehicles in good technical condition (not leaking oil, not damaging parking lot surface, etc.) are allowed to be parked in the parking lot.


12. Parking of the vehicle in parking spaces marked with road signs for disabled people is free of charge. Disabled person’s parking card must be left inside the vehicle on the panel behind the front shield on the passenger’s side, so as the printed card number and expiration date are clearly visibly from the outside. Disabled person’s parking card does not give a right to park a vehicle in reserved parking spaces. If disabled person’s parking card is not left in the car, free-of-charge parking of the vehicle is not permitted.


13. If parking fee is paid for the parking of another vehicle, the money is not returned.


14. The failure of equipment does not excuse from the responsibility to pay parking fee.


15. In case of the failure of the equipment, please inform immediately at tel. no +370 700 77877.