Vilnius, geltonoji zona I-VII

Parking is charged on Karačiūnai (by Lake Tapelių), Žalių Ežerų (by Žalių Lakes), Balis (by Lake Balis), and Vaidilutė (by Valakampiai Beach) streets from 1st of May to 30th of September.

Payment for Vilnius city parking zones is now also possible with the uniPark app!

The uniPark app is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay for parking in Vilnius. To find out which zone of the city your device is in, turn on the GPS feature on your device - all you have to do is start parking! And if you want parking to stop automatically, select the automatic parking ending time in the application settings.

uniPark – your car loves it here!

Paid parking zones are determined by Vilnius city municipality.


8:00 - 20:00 1 h. - 0.60 Eur
20:00 - 8:00 free
parking is charged during this period May 1st - Sept. 30th
calculated at 10 min. rate

Payment options