General terms and conditions of the contract


Service Provider means STOVA UAB, reg. number 302299725, address: Vilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Konstitucijos pr. 29, 08105

Client means any natural or legal person that intends to make use of the Service Provider’s BLIC service.

Contract means the contract signed by and between the Service Provider and the Client, which consists of the Special and General Terms and Conditions as well as the transfer and acceptance certificate.

Special Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Contract signed by both Parties hereto.

Party means either the Service Provider or the Client, which hereinafter shall be jointly referred to as the Parties.

BLIC service means a package of services provided by the Service Provider, including car parking, fast track and car washing services (optionally).

1. Subject-matter of the contract 
1.1. Under this Contract the Service Provider authorizes the Client to make use of the Service Provider’s BLIC services of car parking lots (hereinafter referred to as the Services), and the Client undertakes to pay the Service Provider for the provided Services.
1.2.  The Services are ordered and provided in accordance with this procedure:
1.2.1. The Client may order the Service Provider’s package of BLIC services, which covers car parking and additional services, via the electronic system and/or the Client, may order services in accordance with a regular cooperation contract/contract for services concluded with the Service Provider.
1.2.2. The Client may arrive at the car parking lot PC (blue zone) situated at the address Rodūnios kel. 2, Vilnius (hereinafter referred to as the Car Parking Lot) and leave his car there.
1.2.3. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract, the Client shall sign the Special Terms and Conditions to this Contract before passing his car to the Pack&Fly office worker. The Special Terms and Conditions shall be signed in duplicate, one copy for each Party hereto.
1.2.4. besides the signed documents, the Client shall also pass a valid car registration certificate, roadworthiness testing and insurance documents as well as the energy ignition key (hereinafter referred to as the Supplements) to the Pack&Fly office worker at the address Rodūnios kel. 2, Vilnius (Vilnius Airport, Departure Hall). Should the Client’s documents expire during the term of the Contract, all and any risks related thereto shall be borne by the Client.
1.2.5. The Service Provider shall arrive at the Car Parking Lot PC (blue zone) no later than before the expiry of the reservation term specified in the Client’s order and leave his car there.
1.2.6. At the moment of withdrawing his car, the Client shall document in the Special Terms and Conditions that he has withdrawn the car and Supplements. The documents shall be signed at the Pack&Fly office at the address Rodūnios kel. 2, Vilnius (Vilnius Airport, Departure Hall).
1.2.7. should the Client delay in withdrawing his car before the expiry of the reservation term of the package of BLIC services, the Client shall contact the Service Provider by telephone +370 700 77877 and provide more details about the withdrawal time.
1.3.  The Service Provider shall have the right to avail itself of the third parties’ services for the implementation of its obligations under this Contract and shall assume full responsibility for the actions and/or omissions of such third parties with respect to the Client.

2. Obligations of the parties 
2.1. The Service Provider undertakes:
2.1.1. to provide the Services in accordance with the procedure established in Clause 1.2 above and Client’s instructions, using the Client’s information and other guidelines;
2.1.2. in the course of providing the Services, to act in good faith and reasonably, in the manner which best suits the Client’s interests;
2.1.3. to inform the Client immediately about any relevant circumstances related to the provision of the Services;
2.1.4. to ensure that the Services are provided using neccesary skills and experience;
2.1.5. to eliminate any defective Services immediately without any additional costs on the part of the Client;
2.1.6. to perform other rights and obligations stipulated by effective legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
2.1.7. to protect the Client’s personal data and property, to use them only for the purpose of providing the Services during the term of this Contract.
2.2. The Client undertakes:
2.2.1. to submit information, instructions and other guidelines neccesary for the Service Provider to provide the Services;
2.2.2. to pay for the properly provided Services in accordance with the procedure established in this Contract and/or regular cooperation contract /contract for services concluded with the Client;
2.2.3. to deliver the Car, which is in a good technical condition, meets security requirements typical to such items and is suitable for use according to its intended way of use. The Client also undertakes to deliver the Car equipped with proper accessories, which are subject to the seasonality requirements, for example, tires of the Car. Should it become known that the Car does not meet the requirements laid down in this Clause and legal acts, the Client shall assume liability for such non-compliance with the requirements;
2.2.4. to deliver the Car, the use of which has not been limited by the decision of public authorities, or the Car, whose authorization to participate in the traffic has not been suspended, de-registered, seized, the Car has been declared missing on the national or international level;
2.2.5. to perform other rights and obligations stipulated by effective legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Settlement procedure
3.1. The Service fee shall be established according to the rates, which are effective on the date on which the Car is parked in the Car Parking Lot. The rates are published in the Car Parking Lot and on the website The Service Provider shall have the right to change the Service rates unilaterally.

4. Liability
4.1. The Parties undertake to perform their obligations under the Contract properly and refrain from any actions which might cause damage to each other.
4.2. Should the Client fail to perform the obligations under this Contract referred to in Clauses 1.2.4, 2.2 or 8.1 and in Chapter 7 of the Contract, he shall reimburse the Service Provider for all and any direct damages incurred by the Service Provider resulting from such non-performance.
4.3 The Service Provider does not undertake to safeguard the Client’s vehicles and items kept inside of them, nor undertakes to guarantee any special (technical, physical, etc.) monitoring measures thereof.
4.4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the loss of the Client’s vehicles and items kept inside of them or any damage caused to them, unless damage to the vehicles was caused by the culpable actions of the Service Provider’s and/or his partners’ employees.

5. Entry in force, grounds and consequences of the termination of the contract
5.1. This Contract shall come into force as of the moment of its conclusion and shall be effective until complete performance of the obligations under this Contract or termination of the Contract on the grounds set forth in this Contract or legislation. Any amendments or supplements of this Contract shall be produced in writing and signed by either Parties or their representatives in the established procedure.

6. Dispute resolution  
6.1. Mutual relationships between the Parties hereto shall be based on the principles of good faith, respect of the each other’s interests and listening to each other; accordingly, all and any uncertainties shall be resolved by means of direct negotiations on the Service Provider’s premises after sending an early notification thereof to other Parties.
6.2. Upon failure to resolve uncertainties and disputes amicably, such uncertainties and disputes shall be referred to the court in accordance with the procedure established by law, the jurisdiction of which shall be established according to the Service Provider’s registered office address.

6.3. In case the Client does not agree with the Service provider’s response to the Client’s written claim, the Client may submit his/her request/complaint regarding the service purchased from the Service provider to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus str. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail, tel. 85 262 67 51, fax. (85) 279 1466, website to the territorial divisions of the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority in the counties), or fill out the application form on the electronic dispute resolution (EDR) platform

7. Way of use of the car parking lots 
7.1. Should any illegal actions of the Client on the parking lots be noticed, the licence plates of the cars shall be blocked in the system. The licence plates of the cars shall be unblocked in the system only after the damage suffered has been compensated in full.
7.2. Upon emergence of any problems related to the use of the parking lots, please call the help line 8 700 77877, which is available 24/7.
7.3. When leaving the car in the parking lot, the following actions shall be performed in the established sequence:
7.3.1. when driving towards the entrance/exit barrier, the car shall be stopped at the stop line to identify the license plate of the car;
7.3.2. when the barrier opens, the car may enter/exit the parking lot.

8. Final provisions

8.1. In concluding this Agreement, the Client submits processing of his personal data to the Company for the purpose of administering and executing the Services provided to the Client (the basis for the conclusion and execution of the contract). The Customer’s personal data is provided and related to the use of the Services at the moment of the conclusion of the Contract.
8.2. Detailed Client’s personal data processing information is provided in the Company’s Airport car park Rules, which are published on the Company’s website and provided to the Client for mandatory access before the Contract is concluded electronically.
8.3. The information contained in the Agreement, related to it, as well as at the time of execution of this Agreement, both deliberately and accidentally disclosed is confidential. Each Party may disclose this information to third parties only to the extent necessary for the proper conduct of this Agreement and only with the prior written consent of the other Party, except for the information required by the public authorities entitled to receive it in accordance with laws or regulations. The obligation to keep the confidential information of the other party is valid indefinitely.
8.4. All and any notices shall be considered as served to the other Party properly if they were delivered to the other Party or representatives thereof against signature, sent by registered mail, fax or email at the addresses indicated hereunder. The Parties undertake to inform each other in advance about any changes in their registered office address, name or bank account.
8.5. The contractual provisions, which have not been discussed herein, shall be governed by Lithuanian laws.
8.6. Any annexes to the Contract, which the Parties have concluded and signed, shall become an integral part of the Contract.
8.7. This Contract shall be concluded in Lithuanian in duplicate; one copy for each Party to the Contract.