Additional services

Fast Track coupons

A faster and more convenient way for aviation security check in Vilnius airport. Priority security check point is located on the left from the common aviation security check point on the first floor of the Departures. Fast Track coupons can be added to your parking order at the 3rd step. Service price is 5.00 Eur.

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Luggage Wrapping

The service is provided in Vilnius airport by PACK & FLY GROUP. You will be able to travel without worrying about your luggage safety. A thick layer of shrink film protects luggage from contraband, accidental opening, damage and contamination. Service price is 10.00 Eur. You can buy Luggage Wrapping in the 3rd step while ordering parking.

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Car wash

A special offer for people in a rush is BLIC+. This multilple service includes: car exterior washing and interior cleaning, fast track coupons and parking in Vilnius airport closest parking lot PC. Service price depends on chosen parking time.

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