Parkomatic is a rapidly growing innovative solution created by UNIPARK that facilitates the control, maintenance, and revenue generation of businesses with parking spaces. In Parkomatic parking lots, smart cameras are used to monitor parking, and the data is processed using artificial intelligence. This system is already being implemented in the newest parking lots in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland. 

Parking lot controlled by smart cameras

How does the system work?

  • The camera scans the license plates of all vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. 
  • When exiting the parking lot, the system checks if payment has been made for parking or if the time limit has been exceeded. 
  • Drivers can pay for parking using the mobile UNIPARK APP or at the parking meters installed in the parking lot. 


  • Unlike barrier-controlled locations, Parkomatic does not impede traffic entering the parking lot. 
  • There is no need for parking attendants, barriers, or paper tickets. 
  • Road signs inform drivers about the smart control being carried out. 
  • Traffic violations are recorded by smart cameras, and the data is processed by artificial intelligence, reducing the chance of human errors. 
  • A more cost-effective and faster installation method for businesses. 
  • The parking lot is included in the map of the UNIPARK APP, which has over 500,000 users, promoting more active use of the parking lot and attracting additional revenue. 

Parking payment

When entering the parking lot, the driver can start parking using the UNIPARK APP or pay in advance at the parking meters installed in the parking lot. When exiting, the Parkomatic system checks if payment has been made and if the free time limit has been exceeded. 


With the smart mobile UNIPARK application, drivers can pay for parking with just two taps without leaving their vehicle. It is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Drivers can choose from four payment methods: 

What happens when a driver does not pay for parking?

UNIPARK paid parking zone - the car park is controlled by smart parkomatic cameras, what happens when parking is not paid