Kaunas, mėlynoji s Aleksoto zona

Short-term parking

Pay for parking in Kaunas city with uniPark app. It is a convenient and fast way to pay for car parking in paid parking zones. For more information, please select a zone (on the right).
When using uniPark app, you can choose the beginning of a car parking service yourselves, set the end of the service in advance or complete parking by pressing the STOP button.
Payable parking spaces are assigned by the Council of Kaunas City Municipality.

Find out more about Kaunas municipality decision on local parking fees - City zone rules.


Monday - Fridayfree
Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 - 15:001 h. - 0,60 Eur
Saturdays and Sundays 15:00 - 8:00free
price calculated at 12 min. rate

Payment options

You can pay by cash or card in the parking meter.
Once you park your car, immediately start parking in this zone. More information here
If you have an agreement with uniPark, you can download our mobile app and choose your method of payment According to the agreement. Parking fee will be included into your overall invoice. More information here

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