PC IKI, Kovo 11-osios g. 22

Short-term parking

uniPark paid car parking zone on kovo 11-osios st. 22, in Kaunas. The zone is near SC IKI and Girstutis swimming pool. There are no number plate scanning cameras or barriers in place for parking, so the parking service must be activated immediately after the car is parked. You can do this with the uniPark application, SMS message, or parking meter in the parking lot. When you activate the service with an application, by SMS or by parking meter, the first hour of the parking is free. If you delay activation of the service, pay a parking fee or extend your parking time, a fine will be issued to the car. Please note that uniPark controls only in the area marked with distinctive signs of the uniPark paid zone. This unipark paid car parking area is charged 24/7.


1 h.free
1 h.0.60 Eur

Payment options

You can pay with 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 Eur and 2 Eur coins. To get a free hour, enter the car number in parking meter.
Once you park your car, immediately start parking in this zone. More information here
Send text message to the number 1332 To order a service enter: U Start K11 XXX000 To know the amount payable: U XXX000 To pay for parking: U Stop XXX000 where XXX000 is your car’s registration number Service order/stop fee is applied, contact service provider for fee price.