Fanų stadionas

Short-term parking

Parking will begin immidiately after entering the car park. Before leaving the car park, pay by pressing STOP button<

Car parking lot at Fan stadion. In this parking lot uniPark only administers payments with uniPark application.


first 30 minsfree
00:00 - 06:001 h. - 0.60 Eur
06:00 - 15:00parking is not allowed
15:00 - 24:001 h. - 0.60 Eur
weekends1 h. - 0.60 Eur

Payment options

Your parking information will appear in the mobile app automatically once you enter a parking lot. You will have to pay upon leaving. More information here
If you have an agreement with uniPark, parking fee will be included into your invoice.

Do not have a contract? Sign a contract with uniPark within a few steps!