UP018 - DEPO - Ukmergės g. 373

Short-term parking

Parking will begin immidiately after entering the car park. Before leaving the car park, pay by pressing STOP button

Automobile parking lot next to the store DEPO. Working hours of the parking lot are from 7 am to 11 pm every day. Parking is free of charge up to 2 hours during working hours, parking time is summed up. You can check free of charge parking balance and payable amount in the info terminals, which are located next to entry to the store. There are no barriers that control entry and exit, the movement of cars is kept under surveillance by cameras installed in the parking lot. If you left parking lot without paying for the service, you can do it during 24 hours from the moment you left parking lot by using uniPark mobile app. If the fee for parking will not be paid during provided time, notice of the fine will be sent to the driver. Parking lot is closed from 11 pm to 7 am by technical means, therefore entry and exit to the parking lot is not allowed.


2 h.free
1 h.5.00 Eur

Payment options

You can pay at the pay station in cash or by bank card.
Pay for parking with uniPark app during 24 hours from the moment you left the parking lot More information here
If you have an agreement with uniPark, parking fee will be included into your invoice.