UP019 - Dominikonų g. 4

Short-term parking, monthly membership, EV charge

UNIPARK parking lot, at Dominikonų str. 4, Vilnius. The parking lot is located in the Old Town of Vilnius, next to Vokiečių Street, Salomėjos Nėries Gymnasium and Vilnius Town Hall. Parking at this UNIPARK parking lot is charged 24/7. Very favorable price in this urban area. Payment can be made via the UNIPARK app, at the on-site cash desk, or according to the actual parking agreement with UNIPARK. If you want to conclude a subscription contract on this parking lot, order a monthly subscription from just 170.00 Eur/month. When ordering online via unipark.shop, the price for a day is just 10.00 Eur!


7:00 - 23:001 h. - 2.50 Eur
23:00 - 7:001 h. - 2.00 Eur
EV chargeThe charging prices are at uniPark APP
monthly membershipfrom 170.00 Eur
the price is calculated in hours
when ordering at unipark.shopone day from 10.00 Eur!

Payment options

You can pay at the pay station in cash or by bank card.
When you enter the parking lot, the licence plate number is scanned and parking starts automatically on the UNIPARK mobile app. You don’t need to choose a parking zone or set the duration of your parking, as the parking system identifies them for you, all you have to do is pay before you leave.
Download the UNIPARK app.
If you have an actual parking contract with UNIPARK, download the mobile app and choose the payment method "Payment using contract".
The instructions show how to pay for services using the app if you have an actual parking contract.
Don't have an actual parking contract? Sign online at the touch of a few buttons!