UP024 - Halės turgus, Pylimo g. 58

Short-term parking, monthly membership

UNIPARK parking lot at Pylimo g. 58, Vilnius. Parking in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, on the rooftop of the Halė Market. The entrance to the parking lot is from Pylimo Street, under the white house (no. 58/1). Parking at this UNIPARK parking lot is charged 24/7. Payment can be made via the UNIPARK app, at the on-site pay station, or according to the actual parking agreement with UNIPARK.
If you want to conclude a subscription contract on this parking lot, order a monthly subscription from just 100.00 Eur/month. When ordering online via unipark.shop, the price for a day is just 10.00 Eur!


1 h. 1.00 Eur
monthly membership from 100.00 Eur
price calculated at hourly rate
when ordering at unipark.shop one day from 10.00 Eur!

Payment options

You can pay at the pay station in cash or by bank card.
Your parking information will appear in the mobile app automatically once you enter a parking lot. You will have to pay upon leaving. More information here
If you have an agreement with UNIPARK, parking fee will be included into your invoice.

Do not have a contract? Sign a contract with UNIPARK within a few steps!