Short-term parking, monthly membership

Parking will begin immidiately after entering the car park. Before leaving the car park, pay by pressing STOP button

This is the parking lot next to the Radisson BLU Lietuva hotel in Vilnius. The parking lot is for hotel guests as well as Vilnius city residents and visitors. The parking lot has 24-hour paid parking.


08:00 - 22:001 h. - 1.80 Eur
22:00 - 08:001 h. - 0.50 Eur

Payment options

Your parking information will appear in the mobile app automatically once you enter a parking lot. You will have to pay upon leaving. More information here
Send text message to the number 1332 If you want to know how much you have to pay enter: U XXX000 If you want to pay: U Stop XXX000 where XXX000 is your car’s registration number Service order/stop fee is applied, contact service provider for fee price.
If you have an agreement with uniPark, parking fee will be included into your invoice.

Do not have a contract? Sign a contract with uniPark within a few steps!