Short-term parking

Nauja uniPark parkavimo aikštelė po PARK TOWN verslo centro pastatu, adresu Lvovo g. 105A, Vilniuje. Parkavimas yra puikioje lokacijoje besilankantiems Sugamour ar Lunch’up restoranuose. Apmokėti galima programėle, SMS žinute arba pasirašius parkavimo sutartį su uniPark.


15 min.nemokamai
1 val.1.00 Eur
sekančios val.2.00 Eur
kaina skaičiuojama 1 val. tikslumu

Payment options

Your parking information will appear in the mobile app automatically once you enter a parking lot. You will have to pay upon leaving. More information here
Parking starts automatically once you enter the parking lot.
Send text message to the number 1332 (Telia, Tele2, Bite)

Instead of UNP000 enter your car’s registration number.

• To know the amount payable:

U UNP000

• To pay for parking:

U Stop UNP000
After stoping the service, please wait for confirmation. .
Service order/stop fee is applied, contact service provider for fee price. .

If you have an agreement with uniPark, you can download our mobile app and choose your method of payment According to the agreement. Parking fee will be included into your overall invoice. More information here

Do not have a contract? Sign a contract with uniPark within a few steps!