UP130 - Justiniškių g. 119D

uniPark parking lot at Justiniškių st. 119D, Vilnius. The parking lot is located in a convenient location for the residents of the Justiniškiai and Pašilaičiai micro-districts. Just a few minutes' walk from Justiniškių, Medeina, Žemyna streets to the parking lot. There are no entry/exit barriers in the parking lot, and the movement of cars is recorded by cameras installed in the parking lot. Parking must be activated immediately after entering the lot. When leaving the lot, don't forget to stop the parking service. Parking in the lot is charged 24/7. Payment is possible via the uniPark app, SMS message or according to the parking contract with uniPark. A monthly subscription is available.


1 val.0.5 Eur
Para3.00 Eur

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