UP149 - Žirmūnų g. 111A

Short-term parking, monthly subscription

uniPark parking lot at Žirmūnų st. 111A, Vilnius. The parking lot is located in a convenient location for the residents of the Žirmūnai micro-district. There are no entry/exit barriers in the parking lot, and the movement of cars is recorded by Parkomatic system cameras installed in the parking lot. Parking must be activated immediately after entering the lot. When leaving the lot, don't forget to stop the parking service. Parking in the lot is charged 24/7. Payment is possible via the uniPark app, at the parking meter in the parking lot (with coins), SMS message or according to the actual parking agreement with uniPark. If you want to conclude a subscription contract on this parking lot, order a monthly subscription from just 60.00 EUR/month.


1 h1.00 Eur
1 day3.00 Eur
the price is calculated by the hour
monthly subscriptionfrom 60.00 EUR

Payment options

You can pay with coins at the parking meter.
After parking the car, immediately start parking in this zone with uniPark APP. More information here.
Send the message to the number 1332 (Telia, Tele2, Bite)

Instead of UNP000, enter your vehicle registration number.

• To order the service, write:

U Start UP149 UNP000

• Find out the amount to be paid:

U UNP000

• Pay for parking:

U Stop UNP000
After ordering/stopping the service, you must receive a confirmation message.
There is a charge for ordering/stopping the service, you will find it out from your mobile operator.

Если вы заключили договор с uniPark, плата за парковку будет включена в счет.

У вас нет договора? Подпишите договор с uniPark одним нажатием кнопки!