UP241 - Partizanų g. 82

Short-term parking

UNIPARK parking lot next to the Ekspress Market store at Partizanų St. 82, Kaunas.

The parking lot does not have barriers restricting entry or exit, and parking must be started immediately after parking the car in the parking lot. Upon starting parking, the fee is calculated after the free time specified in the parking lot has ended. When leaving the parking lot, do not forget to stop the parking and pay for the service.

Parking is charged 24/7. You can pay for parking in the parking lot using the UNIPARK app, by SMS, or through the actual parking contract with UNIPARK.


1 h free
1 h 1.00 Eur
Price calculated at hourly rate

Payment options

When parking in the parking lot, you must activate parking immediately and turn off the parking service when you leave the parking lot.
Download the UNIPARK app.
Send the message to the number 1332 (Telia, Tele2, Bite)

Instead of UNP000, enter your vehicle registration number.

• To order the service, write:

U Start UP241 UNP000

• Pay for parking:

U Stop UNP000
After ordering/stopping the service, you must receive a confirmation message.
There is a charge for ordering/stopping the service, you will find it out from your mobile operator.

If you have an actual parking contract with UNIPARK, download the mobile app and choose the payment method "Payment using contract".
The instructions show how to pay for services using the app if you have an actual parking contract.
Don't have an actual parking contract? Sign online at the touch of a few buttons!