Tickets for entry to Neringa are valid only for the selected period. If tickets are not used during the selected period, there will be no opportunity to transfer them to the next year or period.



Please note that online purchases of tickets are valid at Alksnynes Control Post.  Local fees are set by Neringa Municipality, decision April 21, 2016 No T1-92, T1-236.

Prices for every type of vehicle every period are different:

Entrance to Nida ticket - vehicle type, category, class, periods and prices

How does the system work:

  • After buying a ticket to Neringa online, all details about your arrival are sent to the control post. After payment is done, payment confirmation is sent via email and SMS message.
  • Arriving at the post, please stop at the STOP line, wait until the camera reads the vehicle number and the barrier will rise automatically. You do not need to pay extra at the cash desk.
  • If you have more questions, please contact us by phone (24/7) +370 700 77877 or email